How to return your MICROWEAR Smartwatches?

Warranty and Return

If you bought products directly at our Microwear Official Store at Aliexpless‍ or buy from our drop ship cooperaters we list below ,  we will directly offer the  warranty for your orders.  But if you buy it from somewhere else , please contact to the retailer for the refund or return. We have our own policy with the retailers who order goods from Microwear, so we do not directly responsible for those orders.

Please read carefully

* If a dispute arises, the policies of the retailers will prevail over the policies of the manufacturer.

* All MICROWEAR products has 12 months of warranty, unless the Warranty Policy of the retailers says otherwise.

* In the event of disputes between the vendor and the customer, MICROWEAR will serve as a referee. This rule only applies to authorized dealers. Such vendors are listed below.

* MICROWEAR is not responsible for any promotions that the retailers run unless it is a joint promotion, which will also shown on this website and MICROWEAR social media accounts.

Technical Service: ,forum, Facebook

Microwear Official Authorized Retailers :






Microwear Official Authorized drop ship cooperaters:


If you would like to be one of our distributers for sellling microwear products, please contact to , we will offer you best price and establish a long business relationship with you.

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