Microwear Smartwatches Firmware

Our Firmware will update from time to time, please check if you are using the latest version here. After Unzip the files, you need to install driver first then use the Flash tool to upgrade.

Upgrade driver: Click hereto download

H1 & H2 & H5 Flash tool : Click hereto download

L1 Flash tool : Click hereto download  

ModelsUpgrade Firmware

Download APP

Microwear H1 Firmware

Microwear H1 Firmware   Microwear H1 firmwear


Microwear H2 Firmware

Microwear H2 Firmware  

Please directly wireless update it at your H2


Microwear L1 Firmware

Microwear L1 Firmware   Microwear L1 firmware

L1 could OTA update via Fundo app like X2 when you put a sim card in .


Microwear X2 FirmwareMicrowear X2 Firmware (X2 frimware is upgraded directly at Fundo App)       Microwear X2 upgrade steps at Fundo appFunDo
Microwear X3 Firmware

Microwear X3 Firmware (X3 frimware is upgraded directly at GloryFit App)  Microwear X3 upgrade steps at Fundo app

主图-恢复的.jpgMicrowear H5 Firmware   Microwear H1 firmwear

H5 sports app is under development,it will be available in May as we expect.

Note: Please check out your H1 firmware version if the newest version 20170915( solve black screen issues)  once you got it in hand , if not , please Wireless update the H1 wireless to the newest version under default language(English or Chinese)  

Here are the steps to upgrade your Microwear H1 Smart Watch via PC:

(1) Install our driver at your PC

(2)Use our Flash Tool to upgrade your H1:Make sure that you choose the right file then click download and close your H1( battery needs up to 60% ) before you connect it with PC.

(3)During the Upgrading process , you can not stop it until flash shows OK .

Here are some Tutorials for you to upgrade the firmwares if you do not know how to do:

1. Youtube videos:

How to upgrade Microwear H1 : Learn at Youtube

How to upgrade Microwear L1 :  Learn at Youtube

How To Use SP Flash Tool (Full Guide)  Learn at Youtube‍ ‍1 ,  Youtube 2

2. H2 latest BT calling Version will come soon.

3.You could ask for a help from our partner relationship forum :http://roundandroidwatches.proboards.com/

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